• Celebration Time Capsule 10 litre Time Capsules UK £178
  • Commemoration Time Capsule 25 litre Time Capsules UK £287
Celebration capsule

Celebration capsule

This is our popular Celebration time capsule. Ideal for school class projects, it's capacity is 10 litres and is 65 centimetres long.

Commemoration capsule

Commemoration capsule

This is the big sister to the Celebration capsule. It's ideal for larger projects and great for photo opportunities. It has a capacity of 25 litres.

Bespoke capsules

Bespoke capsules

Using your images we can design and print a bespoke wrap for either sized capsule.

  • How can you be confident of the time capsule's life-span

    They have been manufactured with the highest quality of non-degradable uPVC and are specially reinforced. They comply with the British Standards Institute specifications for underground piping.

  • How do you seal the time capsule?

    We use profiled hermetic compression seals enabling the capsules to be water-tight and air-tight. This is placed around the capsule before you fit the end cap to seal your contents.

  • What is the time capsule's wrap made from?

    To help protect the life-time of your capsule. All our wraps are printed on a non-biodegradable plastic and are protected with a silicone seal.


How long will it take to deliver my time capsule within the UK?

For a standard capsule you can expect to receive it within five working days from placing your order. For delivery of a Bespoke capsule please allow 10 working days from final approval of artwork.

How long will it take to deliver my time capsule to Ireland, Europe and Worldwide?

If you wish to purchase a time capsule outside the UK we will endeavour to fulfil your order according to our delivery lead times and that of our selected courier. We are unable to take responsibility for any delays that are imposed by customs within the UK and your chosen destination.

What is the size and capacity of the time capsules?

A small Celebration time capsule can hold 10 litres. Its dimensions are 65 centimetres long and 18 centimetres in diameter. When empty, it weighs 2.6kgs

Our larger Commemoration time capsule's capacity is 25 litres, and its dimensions are 65 centimetres long and 28 centimetres in diameter. This weighs 6kg when empty.

I would like to purchase a time capsule that has my own message and logo, are you able to supply these?

Yes, you are talking about our bespoke time capsules. In readiness for your event, we can design, print and provide you with a ready made time capsule for your school, organisation, business or project.

What type of image files do I need to give you for a bespoke time capsule?

We prefer .ai, .eps or .pdf image files. We also accept high resolution .jpg files.