Commemoration Time Capsule Time Capsules UK

Man has always felt the need to leave something behind to mark his passage on this Earth.

We know so much about the lives of our forebears through artefacts left behind in Egyptian tombs, Neolithic stone chambers, Roman gold coin hoards, or Viking warrior graves and so on.

This is your chance to leave your mark for the future. Leave your own personal collection of objects for unknown people, as yet unborn, to discover and speak directly to your future generations.

Time Capsules allow you to tell the future about your: life, home, family, school, Church, Club, Company or Community. Show recipients the world as it is today through your eyes, your ears and your thoughts.

Capsules can be buried in the ground in the time-honoured method. A modern way to exhibit a capsule is in a display cabinet, a wall, or underneath a glass floor where it can stimulate interest or curiosity whilst in open view.

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