Dos and don'ts

We have some Do's to start you off with:

✔︎ Do use cotton gloves when handling all items so the acids in your skin oils do not

contaminate the contents.

✔︎ Do include manufactured products which are ideally suited for time capsules: power

tools, watches, calculators, etc.

✔︎ Do retain detailed records of the items that you place in the time capsule

✔︎ Do mention the reason for the capsule, who contributed to it and who was present at

the burial, and list the materials and colours of the items

✔︎ Do list as much information as possible to help future conservationists identify the

items inside. Make two copies, one to include in the capsule and one in safe keeping.

✔︎ Do separate contents by using polyethylene bags or boxes

✔︎ Do thoroughly clean and dry all contents before insertion

✔︎ Do include information how they were produced and on what equipment

✔︎ Do identify in some way the location of your time capsule

✔︎ Do publicise your time capsule event or occasion


And, we recommend that you Don't:

✘ Don't fold documents or papers sharply

✘ Don't seal polyethylene bags.

Don't include batteries from any electrical devices.

Don't include thermally produced facsimile or scanner/plotter papers.

Don't include food, candy, or food products as these may carry bacteria or moisture.

Don't include staples, paper clips or rubber bands. They can corrode or leave a residue on your preserved items.

Don't use poly vinyl acetate (PVAC) or poly vinyl chloride (PVC) shrink wrap or cling type films as protective wrappers.