Time Capsule Buried in Leicester Square Seven Double Decker Busses Deep

Edwardian Hotels London celebrated the ‘Bottoming Out’ of its bold new development in Leicester Square on 17th February. The project's developers, McGee, have now reached the lowest point of more than 30 metres below ground level, making it the deepest hotel basement in London.

The depth is equivalent to seven double decker busses deep, the Sydney Opera House claims a deeper basement of 36 metres below ground.

In marking their milestone project partners McGee and Edwardian Hotels London buried a bespoke time capsule at the lowest point of the development. Which contained blue prints, newspapers, and CGIs of the development.

We were there to witness this incredible achievement, watch our live videos and view more images of the event on our Facebook page.

It will open its doors in 2019 and will have a huge impact on this area of London. In the six levels below ground, the site will include bars and restaurants, two Odeon cinemas, a banqueting suite and leisure facilities. Above ground, the hotel will offer 350 high quality rooms and suites.


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