Queen Elizabeth supports £500,000 fundraising appeal for Wales Air Ambulance

School children appeal for Wales Air Ambulance - Time Capsules UK

The pupils of Queen Elizabeth (QE) High School, Carmarthen, are supporting the Wales Air Ambulance appeal to fund £500,000 for new airbase. They purchased a bespoke time capsule which consists of a custom wrap with their message and the organisation's branding.

The message in Welsh and English read:
"Er mwyn dathlu canolfan awyr newydd Ambiwlans Awyr Cymru, mae’r capsiwl amser yma wedi ei wneud gan ddisgyblion yn Ysgol Uwchradd y Frenhines Elisabeth, Caerfyrddin. Claddwyd y capsiwl amser ar y 7fed o Orffennaf, 2015."

"To celebrate Wales Air Ambulance's new airbase, this time capsule has been made by pupils at Queen Elizabeth High School, Carmarthen. Buried 7th July 2015."

Visit the appeal


View online publicity:

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Here's the custom wrap that was designed using their images and message.

Wales Air Ambulance bespoke wrap Time Capsules UK


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