How long will it take to deliver my time capsule within the UK?
For standard capsules you can expect to receive it by 4pm within five working days from placing your order.
Delivery of bespoke capsules will take on average 15 working days from approval of artwork.

How long will it take to deliver my time capsule to Ireland, Europe and Worldwide?
If you wish to purchase a time capsule outside the UK we will endeavour to fulfil your order according to our delivery lead times and that of our selected courier. We are unable to take responsibility for any delays that are imposed by customs within the UK and your chosen destination.

Before purchase, please contact us so that we can provide you with a quote and timescale for delivery to your chosen destination.

What is the size capacity of the time capsules?
Our Celebration capsule can hold 10 litres and our Commemoration's capacity is 25 litres.

What are the dimensions of both time capsules?
Celebration dimensions are (centimetres) 65 x 18 x 18
Commemoration dimensions are (centimetres) 65 x 28 x 28

What type of image files do I need to supply you for a bespoke time capsule?
We prefer image files with .ai or .eps, we also accept high resolution .jpg files.

What are your time capsule wraps made from?
To help protect the life-time of your capsule, our standard design and bespoke wraps are printed on a non-biodegradable plastic and are protected with a silicone seal.

Why are there some imperfections on the end caps of my Commemoration (larger) capsule?
In the manufacturing process these larger end caps are cast off by hand and therefore may have one or two imperfections on the lip. When assembling our capsules we do our best to ensure that these imperfections are reduced.

What if we're not ready to bury our capsule and wish to store it?
We hope that you'll purchase your capsule in time for the big occasion and won't need to store it until then. If you do need to keep it stored, and so that the cap cannot be sealed replace it in the original box with the end cap's bottom resting on top of the capsule.

How do I open the time capsule when it's ready?
The capsule is made from extremely tough uPVC, and realistically the only method to open it is to cut into it with a hacksaw or similar, because the seal will not permit simply pulling apart.

How can I/we appear on your testimonial page or in your blog?
Get in touch with us at info@timecapsulesuk.com and share with us your comments, response and publicity material.

Can we have a VAT invoice?
We are deregistered for VAT and do not add VAT onto our products. Please use your 'Order Confirmation' email for proof of purchase.

Have you any questions that we haven't answered, you can email us.