Alameda Middle School planted time capsule at Center Parcs Woburn Forest

Alameda Middle School plant Commemoration time capsule at Center Parcs Woburn Forest - Time Capsules UK

On Tuesday 14th July at 10:30am, Center Parcs Woburn Forest Deputy General Manager Rebecca Wileman and students from Alameda Middle School buried a time capsule containing ideas from the students of what the short break of the future will look like.

In June, students from the school were invited to create drawings, posters, models and inspiration boards to show what they thought a Center Parcs of 2030 might look like. Students entered their ideas which included an underground swimming paradise, Lodges on tall stilts, hover boards and examples of more green technology. From the entries, Center Parcs chose the work of nine students which were placed inside the time capsule and it is now planted in the Village Square at Woburn Forest

The time capsule will remain buried until 2030, when the capsule will be brought back to the surface so the students and Center Parcs can find out if any of the predictions came true

There were representatives from Alameda Middle School and Center Parcs present at the burial as well as the students whose work has been placed in the capsule.


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