Hadrian's Entertaining Golden Commemoration

Hadrian Academy's Commemoration Time Capsule UK
Hadrian Academy, on Hadrian Avenue, had a fantastic celebration to commemorate its 50th anniversary. Visitors browsed photo albums and displays of Hadrian through the five decades and many brought artefacts to share.
Alison Parry, an ex pupil, wrote: “It was a real trip down memory lane and so wonderful to see how the school has developed.”
The school showcased lessons and achievements today, to visitors who were shown around the school by both governors and pupils. Everyone then assembled in the marquee to listen to the renowned choir sing.
Margaret Brown, a teacher at the school in the sixties, wrote: “Congratulations to the children and an obviously dedicated choir leader.” After the choir the many visitors heard speeches from distinguished guests and the cake was cut.
Pupils took home a beautifully etched glass as a piece of memorabilia, and a tasty, beautifully iced cupcake, before returning for the evening events.
The evening was a time for past and present pupils, friends, families and staff to mingle and share. It was helped along with a steel band making a great sound, and a wonderful family disco which caused a lot of laughter and new skills were discovered.
This was followed by the hastily put together band Random Selection who entertained with a variety of songs including Disney and Musical Theatre.
Hadrian Academy is now putting together a time capsule to be buried and opened again in another 50 years, so that people in the future can learn about Hadrian today.


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