Time capsule grounded under village green

Pupils from Heyford Park Free School with Commemoration time capsule - Time Capsules UK

Dorchester Living have commemorated the building of their new homes at Heyford Park, an old RAF site in Oxfordshire, by burying a time capsule under the Village Green.

They buried the time capsule along with the Heyford Park Free School to commemorate the history of the site and the recent opening of the school.

The capsule was filled with marketing material for their new houses, as well as copies of the Heyfordian RAF magazine from the 1960s. The school chose before and after photos of their recently opened school buildings, new school uniform, and the children's projects.

According to Dorchester Living: "The capsule was a great project for the school and a fantastic way for us to commemorate the history of the site. The students absolutely loved it!"

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