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At a special ceremony on July 17 [2014] that took place with Stoke Park Junior School head teacher, Matt Johnson, pupils, Anchor staff and building contractor, Willmott Dixon. A time capsule was buried in front of 19th-century Mount building that is being restored and will become the heart of the new development.

In celebration of the new retirement village development, Bishopstoke Park, the children wished to capture modern life which included magazines, photographs, letters and toys.

Bishopstoke Park Village Adviser, Fiona Bacon said, “Everyone has been looking forward to burying the time capsule as it will be an insight into life in 2014 when it is opened in 50 years’ time. The pieces collected by the children and papers relating to Bishopstoke Park will be important historic documents when they are read in 2064.”

Head teacher, Matt Johnson, said: “This has been a fantastic opportunity for children at Stoke Park Junior School to be involved in this project. When considering what should be included in the time capsule, we looked at what had changed in the 50 years that our school has been opened and then asked the children what they thought Bishopstoke Park would look like in 50 years’ time. The contents reflect life in 2014 with letters to be opened by future generations.”

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Hampshire pupils bury their time capsule


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