School's Favourite Lunch Recipe Buried In Time Capsule

Time Capsules UK burial at William Ransom Primary

On 28th July, William Ransom Primary School buried a school jumper with the crest on, in their time capsule. They also managed to fit in:

  • A KS2 striped tie
  • A selection of school badges – Sports Colours, School colours, house captains
  • A letter from Mrs Driver explaining why the time capsule was buried
  • Letter from a pupil explaining what life is like at William Ransom today – this was done by Katie as it was her idea.
  • A photograph of the whole school
  • Our Ofsted report
  • An edition of the School Magazine – The Orbit
  • A copy of the Annual Governors report
  • An edition of The Comet newspaper
  • A recipe for the school’s favourite school lunch – chicken pie
  • A copy of Herts Catering Lunch menu
  • A USB stick on with a time lapse video of our building work and photographs of the school in action

They're hoping that someone at the school is around in 50 years time when it's unearthed!


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