Pupils bury time capsule for future generations

Pupils from Cranstonhill Nursery and Anderston Primary - Time Capsules UK

Local children have buried a time capsule beneath a £50 million Glasgow housing project. 

Cranstonhill Nursery and Anderston Primary met Sanctuary Scotland’s challenge to pack the capsule with items to inspire the area’s residents 50 years from now. 

The sealed container is now buried under the second phase of what will become around 430 new, energy-efficient homes. The capsule will not be opened until 2061 but contains a number of interesting artefacts. 

Anderston Primary head teacher Mary McKerrell said: “The children have really enjoyed working on the time capsule project. Everything from an aerial view of Anderston to poems and a school t-shirt has been included.” 

Cranstonhill Nursery head teacher Anne O’Reilly added: “The youngsters have been busy drawing pictures and writing about their favourite things for the capsule. Parents have also been busy with their children and helped make robots to seal inside.”

Sanctuary Scotland director Gordon Laurie said: “We are delighted the school and nursery tackled the challenge of filling the time capsule so enthusiastically.

“Whoever opens the capsule will be thrilled to see what interested Anderston’s children in 2011. Who knows, it might even be opened by the grandchild of a pupil who took part.

“Anderston may be very different in 50 years time but the quality housing we’ve created, and continue to create, will home local residents until then and beyond.”


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